A Success Story Of Health And Wellness; Eustace Fuller

In June of each year Human Resources holds Open Enrollment, it’s a time when team members may make changes to their health benefit elections and meet with representatives about their insurance coverages. At this past year’s event, Dr. Donna Goldstein attended to offer her healthy weight loss service, Body Wisdom, to our team members. Dr. Donna’s program is a holistic approach to losing weight and keeping it off while eating all natural foods – no strenuous exercise, no stimulants, and no extra purchases.

One of the team members who spoke with Dr. Donna on this day was Eustace Fuller, Security Officer at the 7000 Building. Eustace was curious to hear what Dr. Donna had to say; he had tried different approaches to weight loss before but hadn’t tried one like this – no pills, no special foods to buy, and no strenuous exercise. He was skeptical at first, but wanted a change; he was “in a funk” with his health and weight – he signed up with Dr.Donna on the spot!

Eustace has been employed with Williams Island, in the 7000 Building, since October 1998. In recent years, Eustace has suffered from poor health which he had been hospitalized for atrial fibrillation, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and this had him on several different medications. He was sedentary, depressed and his weight had bloomed to 242 pounds.

At the start of the 90-day program, Eustace was determined to lose weight – and he found it fairly easy to do. Changing his eating habits was the most difficult part but he had a weekly call with Dr. Donna who recommended menus and provided needed support. Eustace cut sugars, bread, rice and potatoes from his diet, and ate more vegetables.

For exercise, Eustace began walking – tracking his steps through an app on his phone. His goal was 10,000 steps each day and slowly, but surely, he accomplished and exceeded that goal. Now walking in excess of 15,000 steps a day! He had a stationary bike that sat in the corner of a room in his house collecting dust –  which hadn’t been used in over a year. He began cycling on it weekly for 5 miles. Eustace had a pool in his yard that also hadn’t been touched in a year. He began cleaning it regularly and continues to do so on a regular basis. This along with swimming in it is great exercise. He enjoys regular walks in the park with his daughter and a friend for a couple of house, and has even joined a tai chi class! To measure the results of his efforts and to help keep on track, Eustace visits the higi station at Publix – keeping tabs on his blood pressure, weight, body mass, etc.

Eustace has made dramatic health improvements – besides his 35-pound weight loss, his cholesterol is now at a ‘normal’ level, his sugar level (which was over 200) is now at 99. He is not retaining fluid in his angles. He is off several medications, is active every day and has lost of energy.

Although the 90-day program is complete, Eustace continues on a maintenance program with Dr. Donna and plans on continuing – her support is what made him successful and he would recommend her program to anyone. Eustace’s next goal: as a certified scuba diver that hasn’t  been diving in years, he plans to scuba with his daughter (who has never experienced it before) in July, when he returns to his home country of Belize on Vacation.

Congratulations Eustace and best wishes for continued good health in the new year! 


Debra LaVoie

Williams Island Club