How to have a Healthier Holiday Season- 5 Holiday “ Goodie” options !!

How to have a Healthier Holiday Season- 5 Holiday “ Goodie” options !!

Perhaps you are a hair dresser , manicurist , accountant , dog groomer , teacher or any super nice person whose clients love bringing them lots of sticky sweet holiday goodies.

In the past I’ve succumbed to those goodies and often just a few bites turns into nibbling up the whole tray full ! Know that experience ? So what to do ? Here are five strategies I’ve suggested to my clients and those in my world . Of course you never want to appear ungracious … so a lot of it starts with discussions well before the holiday baking and buying blitzes begin .

1 ) Talk about your lifestyle changes and how they are helping you . Ideally you are working toward a long term healthier lifestyle ! Giving up or eating less sugar can not only help you lose weight , reduce mood swings and fatigue ( most of us tend toward hypoglycemia ) and sleep better , it can …

2) If people still bring you plates or bins of cookies / pies and cakes , don’t even unwrap them .. for many of us even a few bites are dangerous ! Sugar can be as addictive as crack cocaine and you don’t want it lying around “ calling “ to you . Decide ahead of time what charity or site you want to bring them. Try a church , community or homeless center in your neighborhood they are good starts and the people there will appreciate them !

3) If someone is thoughtful enough to ask what you’d like .. nuts ( which you can eat mindfully in small quantities ) , fruit baskets or even a fruit /veggie and cheese platter are healthier options and very nice for sharing ,

5) If you are asked to bring something sweet or want to have something healthier to share , I’ve leaned to make delicious and tasty Protein balls which can combine nuts , raisins and other dried fruit , chia , oats , flax , unsweetened coconut, PB , dark chocolate bits and more . Check my Pinterest  for some awesome recipes most you don’t even have to cook -easy peasy and healthier options too .

5)I love bringing people exotic coffees and teas . As long as the the recipient is a coffee or tea drinker ( and i do have friends who aren’t ) it’s a really healthy and thoughtful gift and one that will be appreciated for weeks and months to come ! You can even let slip that you love green teas or herbal teas or immune boosting teas or that you love your Keureg – your thoughtful clients will get the hinT and you will save thousands of calories





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