For over 30 years, I did my best to live a healthy lifestyle and the pounds kept piling on. I tried many approaches and like many dieters, I lost the weight only to regain it and add even more.  I had ongoing ankle, knee and foot injuries due to my excess weight. In 2007 at the suggestion of my podiatrist, I lost 70 pounds on a healthy meal replacement program. I started embracing a new, more active and conscious lifestyle.  I returned to yoga, which I had done in my teens, began to belly dance, spend time in nature and explored ways I could stay fit without spending arduous hours in a gym. I continued to learn all I could about health, wellness, fitness, and all the many aspects by leading a longer and healthier life.  

By making these lasting lifestyle changes, I began to see improvements in my energy, sleeping habits, balance, flexibility, vitality and especially my confidence!  My goal was always to feel better by achieving a healthy weight - not to be “model thin”. I am now happily married and have maintained my curvy size 6 figure for 10 years. This program is not a diet, but a lifestyle that produces transformations that last.  I love teaching people my "secrets" for losing weight and keeping it off for good! After I realized my own success, I knew I needed to share my transformation with others.  I began consulting with other medical, nutritional and wellness professionals to develop my own unique approach.  Body Wisdom Lifestyle Program was born and continues to evolve! 

BodyWisdomByDrDonna Before and After

Today, I am passionate about guiding my clients - no matter where they are throughout the world - to become healthier, more balanced, confident and empowered to live a more mindful lifestyle. My holistic program promotes a wide-range of long-term health benefits including weight loss and maintenance, as well as longevity. I have incorporated practices adapted from several ancient global traditions.  In additional to weight and inches lost, my clients report less fatigue, more energy, new exercise habits, clearer minds, more gratitude, better relationships and making healthier, more mindful choices on all levels. My personalized approach provides powerful results, even for people who have tried and failed to get “healthy” using other complicated, expensive or even dangerous approaches. I work with clients individually and in small groups locally and throughout the world.  My work has been featured in a PBS special, The Miami Herald, Prevention, and Holistic Health magazines.  I have contributed to 29 books, including 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health with Dr. Joseph Mercola.

I will help you finally realize your lifestyle goals.  You can regain energy, lose weight, increase vitality and improve your longevity. Your journey can begin now, and I will be there to mentor you every step of the way.  I would welcome the opportunity to help you reach your goals and maintain them, so that you can begin living an even more joyful life.


What I Believe

I believe our bodies have an innate internal wisdom. Once you break free of addictive foods and habits that don’t serve you, your body knows what you need to eat and drink to feel your best. Your body knows how you need to move to best nurture it and move into your senior years with flexibility, strength and grace. We teach you to tune into and LIVE this Body Wisdom.

Dr. Donna



I totally recommend Dr. Donna's Body Wisdom. The beauty of the program is not only do you lose weight but you transform your whole life. You learn how to eat properly and you feel so much better from it. Not only have a lost 15 lbs but I have shed a lot of inches all around. I went down a pants size and now can wear a small instead of a medium size shirt. All the food you eat is from the grocery store. Plain and simple, the program teaches you a new way to eat that also boosts your energy level. For me I have gotten more productive because I'm not tired all the time. I would definitely recommend Body Wisdom to everyone

Giving thanks to Dr. Donna and Body Wisdom. Two years now since I lost thirty pounds! But the best part is how my relationship to food had changed! I enjoy food knowing that I have the tools to listen to what my body needs and maintain a consistent weight that is right for me. Thank you again Dr. Donna.

Dr. Donna's innovative body and mind approach to weight -loss has served me well.It has been a 2 years since I have 30 lbs. under her tutelage in the Body - Wisdom program and even more amazing ... I have kept it off.My day-to-day energy level are now higher than ever before. I enjoy eating and living like this, Thanks Dr. Donna.

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