4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale   As many of us struggle to lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight, we should also remember that various factors influence the number that stares back at us when we look at our scale.  We have more control over these numbers than we realize.  Here are some tips on how your scale can be your friend!     1. Make sure you have a good scale.  Is your scale broken, old, not properly calibrated or not digital?  You may be  losing weight, but your scale isn’t reflecting your success and that will make you unhappy.  You want the scale to be consistent every time you weigh yourself.  Use the same scale in the same location and make sure it’s properly  balanced.  Treat yourself to a new scale to help you monitor your healthy lifestyle.   2. Use good scale habits.  Be consistent …

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What to expect with Body Wisdom by Dr Donna


Body Wisdom Feedback from Pilot Program Make healthier choices on a daily basis-100% Less Fatigue/ more energy-100% Break my weight loss plateau-90% Taste buds changes( not craving sugar or salt)- 80% Having a accountability/support system-70% Putting yourself first- priority -70% Sleeping better (Earlier  and deeper)-60% New exercise habits-50% Better Relationships –Self/others ( less stress)-50% Clearer mind-50%

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