4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

As many of us struggle to lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight, we should also remember that various factors influence the number that stares back at us when we look at our scale.  We have more control over these numbers than we realize.  Here are some tips on how your scale can be your friend!
1. Make sure you have a good scale.  Is your scale broken, old, not properly calibrated or not digital?  You may be  losing weight, but your scale isn’t reflecting your success and that will make you unhappy.  You want the scale to be consistent every time you weigh yourself.  Use the same scale in the same location and make sure it’s properly  balanced.  Treat yourself to a new scale to help you monitor your healthy lifestyle.

2. Use good scale habits.  Be consistent with your methods of weighing yourself and be mindful of what you may have eaten recently.  I recommend weighing yourself at the same time in the morning, with no clothes on and after you’ve gone to the bathroom (water buildup adds weight!).  Remember that if you’re a woman that “time of the month” retains water and can affect your weight.  Did you eat salty food (Chinese food, for example, is often salty, contains MSG and is fried) or drink a lot of water the night before you weighed       yourself?  How much did you exercise the day before your weigh-in?  Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t despair if you are exercising and the scale goes up a little or if your weight  plateaus.  Since muscle is compact, you will still lose inches and see the wonderful transformation of your body!  All these factors affect an accurate weigh-in.  Don’t weigh yourself on the supermarket scale.  They are not properly calibrated and are not accurate reflections of your true weight!
3. Keep a journal of your weigh-ins.  I  recommend weighing  yourself once or twice a week. Since our weight can fluctuate (even if we eat and drink the same things every day), you may feel discouraged if the scale stays the same or goes up if you weigh yourself daily.  Writing down your weight will make you feel accountable and looking at the numbers will help keep you on track.  Be consistent with your log!  It’s important to weigh yourself.  If you don’t weigh yourself, your weight may get out of hand.  Remember that every cookie, cracker, sweet or anything we consume that isn’t healthy for us adds up and we want to catch that weight gain before we lose control of it!   I didn’t weigh   myself for six years. During that time, I would eat an extra cookie (or two!) here and some extra chocolate there.  I knew I was gaining weight, but it wasn’t until I stepped on the scale at a doctor’s appointment and saw that I had gained 35 pounds, that I realized my weight gain was OUT OF CONTROL! Weighing      ourselves regularly holds us accountable for what we are eating.  The numbers on the scale don’t lie.bodywisdombydrdonna

4. Celebrate your non-scale victories!  My Body Wisdom program is about a healthy lifestyle, in addition to weight loss.  It’s not all about the numbers!  How much energy do you have now?  Are you able to exercise more and feel more flexible?  Have you lost your cravings for foods that aren’t healthy for you?  Are you able to fit into your favorite clothing?  Are others complimenting you?  An important factor in our weight loss is that it promotes better health. Has your health improved?  Have you lowered the dosage or stopped taking medications?  Is your waist measurement smaller?  Waist measurements are an indicator of health and a smaller waist is not only more attractive, it also makes us healthier! 

Please visit my website at www.bodywisdombydrdonna.com, where you can take a free Body Wisdom vitality quiz. 
I will share my tips with you periodically.  I welcome your comments and hope you find them helpful!
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Body Wisdom Feedback from Pilot Program

  1. Make healthier choices on a daily basis-100%
  2. Less Fatigue/ more energy-100%
  3. Break my weight loss plateau-90%
  4. Taste buds changes( not craving sugar or salt)- 80%
  5. Having a accountability/support system-70%
  6. Putting yourself first- priority -70%
  7. Sleeping better (Earlier  and deeper)-60%
  8. New exercise habits-50%
  9. Better Relationships –Self/others ( less stress)-50%
  10. Clearer mind-50%
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