5 Portion Control Hacks

5 Hacks For Portion Control

We all tend to eat what’s in front of us!  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what an appropriate portion actually represents.  A typical restaurant meal can often be two to three times more food than we really require. Using these 5 Hacks for Portion Control can be a huge benefit!

 Can you even imagine what a 5oz portion of chicken is? (It’s the size of a deck of cards.) 

For years, I thought I was eating the right thing, but I wasn’t!  If something tasted good, I never knew when to stop.

For example Hummus seemed like a healthy alternative, so I would continue enjoying it until I was l full, never knowing what a portion really was.  Since losing 70 pounds, I’ve managed to keep it off for 11 years with a complete lifestyle overhaul by watching my portions, modifying my portions and much more!

  1. Read The Labels

We need to know what’s inside the bottle, can or package!  Be aware of how much food you are eating and what calories are in that serving!  Nutrition sometimes seem complicated, but it becomes easier once you begin reading the labels! 

The label gives you a guide for making choices that can affect your long-term health and keep your weight where you want it.  Many things are made with salt and sugar —  even though you don’t taste it.  An example is a glass of bottled tea.  It can have 90 calories of sugar! If you drink one a day, that’s 3000   calories a month which equates to 10 lbs. a year — just from iced tea.

Another example is ketchup.  Read the labels and be mindful of the ingredients and the hidden calories!

2.Buy Pre-Portion Controlled Sizes

It’s easy to go overboard when you’re enjoying something!  Unless you’re taking a few steps to measure the amount of food you’re eating, you just don’t know how much you are really eating! 

Many things  now come in smaller portion-controlled sizes.  From humus, cottage cheese and raisins to peanut butter or a Hershey kiss.  Kid sized portions can be especially helpful

3. Make your own single-serving packs.

Take the larger package or box and take out the amount of the food you are going to eat.  Enjoy the amount you have predetermined!  An example is 25 to 30 pistachios in a little bag and then you can grab that  smaller amount easily.  This can easily be done with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or even sweet potato chips.  This will keep you from eating the entire bag, box, or package mindlessly.

4. Create The Right Serving Size – Doling-Out The Perfect Amount

Determining the right amount of the food you are about to eat is super important, especially in the rush of everyday life. Make how much you eat easy to track!  Simply count or cut the amount you plan to eat and put the rest away. 

This will help you mentally prepare for a specific amount rather than cutting little pieces away or taking another tablespoon of something over and over again. This can work whether it’s cookies, peanut butter, or cheese.  Think about prepping your meals in advance. It’s helpful to cut up vegetables and fruits, so they are ready to go for the week in the size of a container you need.  It makes it simple and it helps you realize how much you are eating

5. Container Size

We tend to fill the space on whatever plate we use, right? Limiting the size of your container or plate will help you maintain your size!  Simply prefill the plate or container with the portion you want to enjoy. 

“Fit and Fresh” is the perfect size for a small portion and it comes with a cooling ice tray built in. There’s a multitude of containers from which to choose, however be mindful and try to use glass, silicone, or BPA Free plastic-type products.

Being mindful of portion control is a key factor in your long-term weight loss and maintenance success.

Portion control for weight loss

Dr. Donna Goldstein is a 25-year veteran psychologist and Certified Health Coach, teaching a new way to eat and live, that can help you break the cycle of “yo-yo dieting” for good.  She has maintained her own 70 lb. weight loss for 11 years.  Her clients have lost thousands of pounds with no drugs, surgery or supplements! Schedule your FREE Weight Loss/Lifestyle strategy session at https://BodyWisdomByDrDonna.as.me/. Or, you can text or call 954.292.8477. Begin designing a lifestyle to easily help you lose weight and create a transformation that lasts!

5 Ways to Control Chocolate cravings!

Control Chocolate cravings!

5 Ways to Reduce 
Chocoholic Cravings

I am a serious chocoholic. I have maintained my 70-pound weight loss for 11 years and yet I eat something chocolate almost every day and you can, too!  I knew I had to find ways to control chocolate cravings.Many of my clients adore chocolate in one form or another. 

The love of chocolate has been around for centuries, chocolate has been considered the nectar of the gods and even traded like currency.

Some clients seem to crave “salty and crunchy” and others sweets and/or chocolate.  My clients love the fact they don’t have to give up what they crave to lose weight or maintain their weight loss.

Why is chocolate so addictive?

We know chocolate calls to many of us, especially during times of stress.  Why?  Chocolate stimulates the brain’s reward centers and triggers ‘feel-good’ chemicals including dopamine and serotonin.

 Many of us perceive chocolate as either a reward or comfort. The more you eat high sugar chocolate and the more often you have it, the more it seems essential to your well-being.  Your brain drives you to seek it out, even at midnight, as if it were a drug. 

Here are 5 key ways to help you overcome your chocolate cravings while living a healthier lifestyle.

1. Choose Dark Chocolate with 60% to 90% Cocoa

First, a reasonable amount of dark chocolate made from cocoa is good for your health.  The higher the percentage of cocoa the more antioxidants.  Most of us find it harder to binge on 86% or more dark chocolate than on milk chocolate. You’ll probably eat only 2 or 3 small squares and won’t be filling your body with unnecessary sugar and fat.   

2. Taper Down The Amount of Chocolate You Consume

Acknowledge the role of chocolate in your life and how often you eat it. Depending upon how much you are consuming daily, start decreasing the amount.  If you can cut it in half immediately, that’s a great start. Continue decreasing and you may find cutting back a little each day makes the reduction easier.  Ultimately, you’ll want to control the chocolate instead of the chocolate controlling you.

3. Become Mindful of Why You Are Experiencing Cravings

When you have a desire for chocolate think about what is occurring in your life. Is there something else you really crave, and you find the chocolate is simply filling the hole in your life for love or comfort? At the time you ))you are experiencing the craving, you feel like the chocolate will remedy the situation, however, what it really can do is cause weight gain, guilt or sadness.

A chocolate craving may be the perfect time to find your dog, cat, child or friend to play, walk or talk with.  Try distracting yourself with a sport or hobby. Think about what else you can do that’s fun or pleasant to you.  Your goal is to create a warm and fuzzy type feeling that fulfills you.

4. Discover A Healthy Hot or Cold Yummy Chocolate Drink

Now we can all enjoy guilt-free indulgence through chocolate flavored coffee, decaf or herbal tea! There are several types available – many are also caffeine free and offer a heavenly flavor of chocolate or mocha.

In addition, a drink will help keep you feeling full and satisfied longer than any piece of chocolate. You can even make your own tea from a delicious chocolate mint plant. You can also sweeten a coffee drink with chocolate flavored almond or soy milk

5. Chocolate Alternatives to The Rescue

Rather than Snickers, M&Ms or Häagen-Dazs® I help my clients find healthy alternatives which satisfy their cravings.   Traditional milk chocolate triggers the cravings, but there are healthier options readily available in most grocery or health food stores. Charlotte needed a before bed decadent chocolate snack – I helped her find the perfect solution.  Lourdes was delighted with the chocolate fix which she could carry in her purse. There’s no need to give up the taste you love especially with so many options available. 

Schedule your FREE Weight Loss/Lifestyle Planstrategy session at https://BodyWisdomByDrDonna.as.me/. Or you can text or call 954.292.8477.  During your session, we’ll discover a few tactics to help you lose weight, lessen your cravings and lead a healthier lifestyle!  As a Weight Loss and Lifestyle Strategist, I partner with clients worldwide. Together we design a lifestyle for you to easily lose weight for a transformation that lasts!

Greenfield Black Tea - Mint & Chocolate Flavor Ceylon  20 Pyramids Tea Bags

Mindful Eating and Living

Mindful eating for Long Term Weight loss

Mindful Eating and Living – your Keys to Long Term Weight Loss Success

Do you eat on the run, in your cars, at your desk or in front of the television?  We have a myriad of distractions all around us.  Have you ever opened a bag of chips or cookies with the intent to have one or two, and before you realized it, they were gone?  This is an example of mindless eating. Pure and simple.  Mindful eating and living…your keys to long term weight loss success.

The goal for mindful eating is to experience food more intensely by paying attention to the sensation and flavor of each bite.  

Make Eating A Special Time.

When possible, use a tablecloth, real plate, napkin, glass and silverware.  Light a candle and put on some soft music.  Make the setting pleasurable and attractive. (Even if you’re eating take out.)

Mindful eating for Long Term Weightloss
  • Minimize Distractions.  Eliminate television and other extraneous noise.  Be in the moment by paying attention to what you’re eating. The fewer things you try to do while you eat, the fewer things you spread your attention over, and the more you can focus on what you’re eating.  Notice the color, smell, flavor and texture of your food. Eliminate the multi-tasking while you’re eating.
  • Tune Into Your Hunger.  Are you truly hungry?  Is it possible that instead of being hungry, you are bored, angry, thirsty or frustrated about something?  Try to become more self-aware and ask yourself, “Is this food what I truly want right now?”                                              

Slow Down.  First, eating more slowly will allow you to enjoy the taste and texture of your food.  Second, it will allow your brain to get the signal you’re full which takes about 20 minutes. You will no longer hurry through your meals to get to the next thing on the “to do” list.

 By chewing and swallowing more slowly you will automatically be consuming less food and improve your digestion. Another mindful eating approach is to use chopsticks.  Again, it helps you concentrate on the food.

Easy Steps to Mindful Eating

  • Watch for the “Pause”. During a meal, people sometimes unknowingly take a break.  They put their fork down and stop eating.
  • This is referred to as the ‘eating pause”. erefore watch for this pause and take a break when you find yourself wanting to put your fork down.  Maybe you’re more full than you think you are and it’s time to stop or leave the table.
  • Be Thankful.  Tune in and express gratitude prior to and even after eating. A mindful eating experience helps nourish your body and provides a more satisfying experience.  Think about your appreciation for the food – where it came from and how it made its way to your table. How did it get to the grocery store or your farmers’ market?  As you reflect, express gratitude to the people who gave their time and effort to contribute to the food.
  • Put Your Fork Down.  While you are chewing, put your fork down.  Stop preparing your next bite while your mouth is full.  Enjoy what is already in your mouth.  Then decide if you need another bite.  There’s no need to eat every morsel of food on your plate!
  • Eat In Designated Areas.  By limiting your eating to the kitchen and dining room areas, you are far less likely to “graze” and eat calories you hadn’t planned.  Consequently, you’ll be far  less likely to eat mindlessly or eat while being distracted.
  • Keep Food Tucked Away.  Pack it up and put it away when you’re finished with a jar, bag or box of food .  Because the longer it sits out on the counter, the more available it is for you to continue eating it even after you’re full.  Another tip is for you to put foods out of site that you find tempting.

Simple Changes = Lasting Results

Studies have shown that mindful eaters consume significantly fewer calories, digest more effectively and have an easier time maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). When you begin eating mindfully you don’t enjoy it less—you’ll enjoy it even more! Mindful eating and living can truly be YOUR key to long term weight loss success!

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Dr. Donna Goldstein, a 25-year veteran psychologist and Certified Health Coach, teaches a new way to eat and a new way to live, that can help you break the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting for good.  She has maintained her own 70 lb. weight loss for over 10 years and has helped her clients lose thousands of pounds with no drugs or surgery! She helps people worldwide.

You can learn more about Dr. Goldstein at www.BodyWisdomByDrDonna.com or text orcall 954.292.8477 for your FREE Weight Loss/Lifestyle

Finding Love After Loss (Weight-Loss, That Is!)



Here’s another remarkable true love story in our Dating Advice for Women Series.  It’s a first-person account of finding love after loss by psychologist & weight loss guru, Dr. Donna Goldstein, who worked with one of our Love mentors® to find and marry her awesome husband over 7 years ago.  Here’s a photo of the newlyweds on their blessed wedding day!

By Dr. Donna Goldstein

My heart went to a heavy-set woman who recently posted the following on Facebook, “I am crushed,” she mourned.  Everything had been going great with this guy she had met online.  They had talked for hours, had good chemistry and she thought he might be close to finding love.  He had also said that she was very cute.  He then requested a date-stamped recent full-body picture of her.  She hesitated to send it, because, like a number of online daters, her 8-year old picture, which showed a medium build, did not reflect her current frame, some 75 lbs. heavier.  Upon seeing the picture, he responded with, “You’re a very nice girl, but not my type.”  This was just a little kinder way of saying, I don’t date bigger women”.

I experienced that reaction several times when I was heavier (and don’t forget “you have such a pretty face”.) Ideally, a man would love you for your heart and soul.  However, the harsh reality is that for many men, body type matters.  And even for a smart, kind, funny and exciting woman, this can still be a deal breaker.  Men and women have complained to me that when they did meet an online date in person, they were startled that he or she looked nothing like their photos presented on the dating site.  It seems that in our culture, finding love can depend a lot on size and weight.

As a 205 lb., size 16 “Rubenesque” (voluptuous) woman, I generally got 4 to 5 responses to any of my online postings.  After I lost 70 lbs. and re-emerged as a size 6, the number jumped to over 200.  My heart and soul were the same and so was my “pretty face”.  However, my new smaller size catapulted me into a more sought-after prospect and I am so grateful that in this group of potential suitors was my husband-to-be.

So here are a few dating tips for those committed to finding love online:

  1. Men are visual creatures. Worldwide, men show a preference for the “hourglass” figure.  Clothes, bras and belts that help you get the hourglass figure are one solution.  Getting to and remaining within your ideal weight range is however more ideal.  For most people this was your weight in high school or college.  It will improve your health and your odds of finding love and a great mate online.
  2. Embark upon an exercise regime that you enjoy for fun, toning and energizing. It will make you a more active, interesting person.  For example, you can try tennis, yoga, golf, or Latin dance.  My “hubby to be” noticed my active lifestyle, especially the yoga and belly-dancing.
  3. Your photos should be a reflection of who you are today. In the long run, an 8-year-old glamour shot will only hurt your chances.  You can still wear colorful clothing, show a sense of style and reflect a certain joie de vivre.

I close with a message of hope.  I was overweight and a “yo-yo” dieter for over 30 years. I met an amazing man online and was successful in finding love.  I asked Dr. Diana for an expert dating coach, followed Dr. Diana’s instructions and we are now happily married after a beautiful 2-year courtship. (As of September 2018, we have been married 5 years.)  This could happen to you.


Dr. Donna Goldstein, a 25-year veteran psychologist and Certified Health Coach, teaches a new way to eat and a new way to live, that can help you break the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting for good.  She has maintained her own 70 lb. weight loss for over 10 years and has helped her clients lose thousands of pounds with no drugs or surgery! She helps people worldwide.

You can learn more about Dr. Goldstein at www.BodyWisdomByDrDonna.com or text or call 954.292.8477 for your FREE Weight Loss /  Lifestyle Plan.


Cruise without Gaining Weight!

Cruise without gaining weight!

10 Tips for avoiding weight gain on a cruise

by Dr. Donna Goldstein
Cruises can be so relaxing and stimulating too. However, when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, they are loaded with temptations that may cause you to veer off course. With proper preparation you CAN CRUISE without gaining weight
Here are some tips that will help you not only survive the cruise experience, but keep a healthy focus:
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need!
1) Ask if the cruise has a spa menu so that you can make healthier choices and be less likely to over eat if you order from this menu. Many cruiselines offer spa/lite/hearthealthy/vegetarian/vegan options along with low sodium and sugar free choices Don’t be afraid to ask your server or maitre’d.
     Your servers will be happy to hold the sauce and provide salad dressing on the side. Speak up!
2) Eat three light meals and 2-3 healthy low-fat snacks or meal replacements to keep you full and your metabolism fueled. These should generally be fish, seafood, chicken or veggie entree choices with lots of salads and veggies. Ideally, choose broiled, baked or poached items. Avoid pork, red meat, anything fried and rich sauces.
3) Tour the gym, right after you board. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Most cruises offer excellent treadmills, ellipticals and machines. Look for classes such as yoga, dance, Pilates, spinning or aerobics. Swimming and water aerobics are great options too. Enjoy them all!
4) On sea days, walk on deck in the morning and after dinner too! Set a goal for the number of miles you’d like to walk on your trip. Give yourself a non-food reward when you achieve it. Savor your alone time on your walks, or Invite your partner, friends or kids to join you, or make new friends on deck!
5) Here’s a gentle reminder – alcohol is just empty calories! Red wine or spritzers w/ seltzer are better options. Avoid creamy concoctions or frozen drinks. Decide how much you‘ll drink before the cruise; saving you tons of calories and dollars too. (I met a gentleman on my last cruise, who racked up a $1,300 bar tab!) Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions and may cause you to make less healthy choices.
6) Cruises are packed with dozens of activities you can do on and off the ship. Stay active, learn new things and yes, relax! The cruise will be a more memorable experience than if you just sit by the pool all day drinking pina coladas, as that gentleman and his wife did.
7) If you go on an excursion pack your own mini-meals, and snacks such as protein bars, fruit and nut mix, and always carry a large water bottle. The meal choices on these tours are often unhealthy. You will feel more energized by having your own healthy snacks rather than chips or candy bars.
You can choose excursions that offer phyical activity suitable to your own fitness level. Walking tours.. Biking or Kayak tours…and gentle hikes are all good choices!)
      Avoid “foodie tasting tours” and tours with an included meal.
8) I am not going to tell you to totally avoid deserts or breads. Choose one (whole grain for breads) and share it, or take 2- 3 bites to satisfy your craving. Just a taste, so it doesn’t go on your waist! Also try the healthier dessert options like fat-free yogurt, fruit, sorbets or the spa selection.
9) Sit down and order off the menu whenever possible. Try to avoid the buffets, especially the midnight ones. Buffet fare is often high in calories, fats and carbs. It’s hard to manage our portion sizes and quantities. Step away from the buffet!
10) Associate with other healthy-minded people. Remember obesity is “contagious” and your cruise companions might tempt you into making bad food and drink choices.
Follow these tips to maintain your hard-earned weight-loss, while having the time of your life! Yes you can Cruise without gaining weight!
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Dr. Donna Goldstein is a health and weight-loss coach whose clients lost 5,000+ lbs. in the past years. She has maintained her own 70-lb. weight-loss for 10 years. Connect on Facebook Schedule your complimentary consultation with me,  Dr. Donna here or over the phone at 954-292-8477 (text preferred) or email me at  drdonnago@gmail.com

Healthier Holidays- 5 Holiday “ Goodie” options !!

5 Holiday “ Goodie” options you can use to prevent weight gain !!

Perhaps you are a hair dresser , manicurist , accountant , dog groomer , teacher or ? You just may be a super nice person whose friends and clients love bringing them lots of sticky sweet holiday goodies?

In the past I’ve succumbed to those gifts and goodies. Often just a few bites turn into nibbling up the whole tray ! Know that experience ? So what to do ? Here are five strategies I’ve suggested to my clients.

Of course you never want to appear ungracious. Therefore start discussions well before the holiday baking and buying blitzes begin . Talk about your lifestyle changes and how they are helping you . Ideally you are working toward a long term healthier lifestyle ! State that you are giving up holiday cookies and desserts. To claify, you can mention that you are focusing on self care. Body lotions ..spa products..aromatherapy etc wish listm Hint hint!

2) If people still bring you plates or bins of cookies / pies and cakes , don’t even unwrap them!
For many of us even a few bites are dangerous ! Sugar can be as addictive as crack cocaine and you don’t want it lying around. Decide ahead of time what charity or site you will choose for donations. Find a church , community or homeless center in your neighborhood! Take ALL food gifts there.

3) Some are thoughtful enough to ask what you’d like. Tell them nuts ( which you can eat mindfully in small quantities ) or a fruit basket. You might even suggest a a fruit /veggie and cheese platter.These are healthier options and very nice for sharing.

5) You may be asked to bring something to a gathering or potluck.
Choose a healthy option to share!

I’ve learned to make delicious and tasty Protein balls. These can combine nuts , raisins and other dried fruit , chia , oats , flax , unsweetened coconut, PB , dark chocolate bits and more . Check my Pinterest  for some awesome recipes most you don’t even have to cook -easy peasy and healthi .

5)I love giving – and getting –
exotic coffees and teas . As long a the the recipient is a coffee or tea drinker ( and i do have friends who aren’t ) it’s a really healthy and thoughtful gift! You can even let slip that you love green teas or herbal teas or immune boosting teas or that you love your Keureg – your thoughtful clients will get the hint and you will save thousands of calories




Dr. Donna Goldstein , the developer of the Body Wisdom Lifestyle is a Weight Loss and Lifestyle Strategist who partners with individuals and families worldwide – helping them create healthier , more vibrant lifestyles.. She’s maintained her own 70 lb. weight loss for 10 years . Book your complementary consult at
Www.bodywisdombydrdonna.com .

4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

As many of us struggle to lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight, we should also remember that various factors influence the number that stares back at us when we look at our scale.  We have more control over these numbers than we realize.  Here are some tips on how your scale can be your friend!
1. Make sure you have a good scale.  Is your scale broken, old, not properly calibrated or not digital?  You may be  losing weight, but your scale isn’t reflecting your success and that will make you unhappy.  You want the scale to be consistent every time you weigh yourself.  Use the same scale in the same location and make sure it’s properly  balanced.  Treat yourself to a new scale to help you monitor your healthy lifestyle.

2. Use good scale habits.  Be consistent with your methods of weighing yourself and be mindful of what you may have eaten recently.  I recommend weighing yourself at the same time in the morning, with no clothes on and after you’ve gone to the bathroom (water buildup adds weight!).  Remember that if you’re a woman that “time of the month” retains water and can affect your weight.  Did you eat salty food (Chinese food, for example, is often salty, contains MSG and is fried) or drink a lot of water the night before you weighed       yourself?  How much did you exercise the day before your weigh-in?  Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t despair if you are exercising and the scale goes up a little or if your weight  plateaus.  Since muscle is compact, you will still lose inches and see the wonderful transformation of your body!  All these factors affect an accurate weigh-in.  Don’t weigh yourself on the supermarket scale.  They are not properly calibrated and are not accurate reflections of your true weight!
3. Keep a journal of your weigh-ins.  I  recommend weighing  yourself once or twice a week. Since our weight can fluctuate (even if we eat and drink the same things every day), you may feel discouraged if the scale stays the same or goes up if you weigh yourself daily.  Writing down your weight will make you feel accountable and looking at the numbers will help keep you on track.  Be consistent with your log!  It’s important to weigh yourself.  If you don’t weigh yourself, your weight may get out of hand.  Remember that every cookie, cracker, sweet or anything we consume that isn’t healthy for us adds up and we want to catch that weight gain before we lose control of it!   I didn’t weigh   myself for six years. During that time, I would eat an extra cookie (or two!) here and some extra chocolate there.  I knew I was gaining weight, but it wasn’t until I stepped on the scale at a doctor’s appointment and saw that I had gained 35 pounds, that I realized my weight gain was OUT OF CONTROL! Weighing      ourselves regularly holds us accountable for what we are eating.  The numbers on the scale don’t lie.bodywisdombydrdonna

4. Celebrate your non-scale victories!  My Body Wisdom program is about a healthy lifestyle, in addition to weight loss.  It’s not all about the numbers!  How much energy do you have now?  Are you able to exercise more and feel more flexible?  Have you lost your cravings for foods that aren’t healthy for you?  Are you able to fit into your favorite clothing?  Are others complimenting you?  An important factor in our weight loss is that it promotes better health. Has your health improved?  Have you lowered the dosage or stopped taking medications?  Is your waist measurement smaller?  Waist measurements are an indicator of health and a smaller waist is not only more attractive, it also makes us healthier! 

Please visit my website at www.bodywisdombydrdonna.com, where you can take a free Body Wisdom vitality quiz. 
I will share my tips with you periodically.  I welcome your comments and hope you find them helpful!
Dr. Donna Goldstein
954-292-8477 (text preferred)

10 tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving


10 tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Body Wisdom by Dr. Donna Goldstein



Start the day with a hearty breakfast and have lunch with in between healthy snacks as you normally do. This tip is fundamental for a healthy holiday experience and will prevent you from showing up at dinner starving. It will help you make good choices.


Image result for healthy thanksgiving meal

If you are cooking, there are many ways to create healthier Thanksgiving dishes. Cauliflower is a good substitute for mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes don’t require marshmallows or tons of butter. You can easily cook any veggie with veggie broth, adding some herbs and garlic. For cranberries sauce you can transform it to a cranberry salad. One great tip is to avoid eating the turkey skin, or avoid the turkey completely! If you are offering a vegan Thanksgiving menu, you can be creative and replace meat with many vegan meat substitutes and fruits and vegetables.


Image result for rainbow veggies

This is a great tip for an everyday occasion but specially the holidays. Before reaching for the tempting stuff, fill two-thirds of your plate with a rainbow of vegetables, will it will keep you from indulging in unhealthy food.


If you have the option, choose a salad plate for the night and fill two-thirds with vegetables. Complete the plate with protein and leave a small corner to indulge yourself, and have a bite or taste of that pie if you choose.


Image result for water

The body often mistakes thirst with hunger, be hydrated and start drinking plenty of water starting the day before. During your meal choose water or sparkling water over sodas and alcohol. If you want to have a glass of wine, think in advance when you will enjoy it most, with the appetizers or at dinner time and choose water or tea the rest of the day. You can also use this opportunity to drink one of your teas.

A great alternative to drinking soda or alcohol this holiday.


Here comes the moment of truth for everyone with a sweet tooth out there! The good news is that you don’t have to avoid dessert altogether. If you’ve eaten a healthy meal, eat the fruit first so you don’t crave so much and then have a small piece or taste of pie!


Image result for outdoor family activities

The holiday’s are about spending quality time together as family and friends. Minimize TV time, this is not a quality time together. Be creative and find another family activities. Weather permitting, go for a walk in the neighborhood, dance, keep the kids active by playing soccer or a dance family contest. There are also some table games that can keep you active and away from the buffet table and leftovers!


Image result for sitting with family

Simple tip: Once you’re done eating, leave the table or put your plate away. If possible, move to another room and chat and play with family and friends.


Image result for be mindful of food choices

Be aware of and grateful for each component of your healthy meal. Share about the healthy choices that you are making and give thanks for them and the opportunity to spend time with friends and family.


Image result for commit

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to connect with family and within ourselves. We gather around food giving thanks for all we have and sometimes we tend to over indulge ourselves. Don’t let a Turkey Day binge turn into an “I blew it” binge that lasts till January 1st. Go back on your healthy path the next day! Drink water, have a good night sleep and give thanks! You’ve made it!



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